School life:

Worst part:

Literally the worst part of getting ready for school is wearing socks [like if you relate] usually people find their own sock, wear them and go to their school,office or where ever they want but in my case this thing nothing happens.You know what happens with me I always find my socks find my shoes but then I get to know that it is not my sock and I am so lazy that i did not want to change it that`s why i always like seriously always wear one sock of mine and another sock of my sister who is five years younger than me.


I don`t know about you but I hate this part of school life also.

It`s Biology time:

Ok so I am in 9th grade and my subject is biology actually my school is matric system anyways biology period is like heaven whenever the teacher enters its like the entry of fairy God mother in the sad life of Cindrella  its like the entry of Rose in the life of Jack its like now stop I dont have further examples to explain.And I just pranked you the camera is just right behind you please wave your hand infront of camera.And all the things I told you are completely completely completely wrong.

20 minutes leave from prison:

20 minutes leave from prison is also known as RECESS.Recess is a Latin term which means A short very very short period of time which is given to the exhausted,tired and innocent child who begs for spare time to talk to his friends,play something etc etc.

The change we all be waiting for:

Finally the bell rings and all the students are free everybody is crying with big and real tears.Literally I wish that I was making a movie the last line will be with the sound affect like DHA DHA DHA DHA DHA DHA DHA DHA read if you know how to.



Trip to Charna Island:

How it all started:

Once my family decided to meet for a family get together.We reached at our uncle`s home and my father decided to make a family trip But the problem was where to go.

Deciding where to go:

My cousin had an idea that we should go to farm house but soon it got cancelled then i got a plan that we should go somewhere new.I don`t know if this happens with you all but surely it happens with me all the time that my family makes plans to amazing spots but always give lame excuses and cancel the plan.

The next day:

The next day we were sleeping in a heavy sleep as we got late last night and suddenly the phone starts ringing and no one was answering the phone and then i wake up and it was my cousin telling me that we are going to Charna Island

Good evening:

My family was at my home in the evening deciding when to go what to wear and how the place gonna be.We do not know anything about the place where we were going but only my cousin sister know one thing about the place that we will be having Unlimited Biryani but only one soft drink and she was kept repeating i all the day by the way if you don`t know but biryani is a special desi dish which is famous all around Pakistan.

Time to go:

20-3-16 was the day we proceeded for our journey.The bus arrives and we move on,beside us there was a newly wed couple talking to each other,an old couple and a group of friends from which we cousins were quite exhausted because they were laughing as they are sitting in a comedy show.We traveled for about five freaking hours not gonna lie but i was tired as hell but as the time was passing our journey come to the end and we reached our destination.

More hours to go:

As we reached there we get to know that we have to travel more.We were at the seashore and obviously take lot of selfies and slow motion videos with the shining waves,then there was our number and we all sit on the boat.It starts and all my aunts and my mother were frightened because of the strong waves.

Finally we reached:

After 3 more hours finally we reached the island but you know what we saw,we saw a huge rock on the sea and then we were told that there is no place to sit except the boat we all were afraid because we never went in the sea and it was our first time.But we tried and on the other hand we had lot of fun and also lot of pictures.

The Journey Begins

  • Introduction

Hi my name is Amna.I am a teenage girl who have ZERO knowledge about blogging but as you know that Not everyone is born as what they want or think ANYWAAAAAAY i am just here to share some feelings,experiance,some sort of stories i guess not that Cindrella type but stories of my own life.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton